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We can identify with where the disciples find themselves.
Jesus has sent them ahead. They’ve rigged
the boat and set off like they’ve done many many
times before. What they do know is boats and sailing.
Then one of those fierce Galilean storms comes
up, and they’re being tossed about – it’s taking all
their knowledge and strength just to keep afloat.
After hours of hanging on, this is no rational reasoning
time – the dark night, the drenching rain, the
towering waves, the bitter cold, the flashing lightning
make it hard for weary minds not to be discouraged
and frightened. One of them spots a figure,
blurred with rain and distance, coming towards
them. Kick the fear up a notch – what is this? The
long-held superstitions scream. Then they all turn to
Peter in disbelief – he’s climbing out of the boat!
What is he doing?!

Have you been there? Scared out of your wits,
knees shaking. Facing the microphone and the audience
staring in expectation – what if I stammer
again? Sitting in the restaurant with the ring in your
pocket and rehearsing words that will be remembered
for ever – what if she’s not the one? Sitting
with the pen in your hand, about to sign the offer to
purchase when you know the finances are a real
stretch. Sitting outside the boss’s office, about to be
hauled over the coals – what if I get fired? In the
storm, somehow finding the courage to go ahead
and do it anyway. Do I sit huddled in a corner of the
boat, hugging my knees? Or, do I take a firm grip,
put my legs over the side, and leap?

God Bless, Andrew.


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