The year has begun and as good Methodists, we
take time to renew our Covenant with God. The
Covenant service invites us to pause and understand
more the radical love of God for us. I hope
you will take time to reflect on this love that is unconditional
and undeserved. It is love that is immeasurable
and wide enough to include everyone
and it surpasses all understanding.

Life experiences have taught us that the lack of love
leads to prejudice, divisions, rivalry, and conflict
both in our personal lives and in the world. Sometimes
everything seems so complicated, but God is
Love. When rooted and grounded in the love of
God, one can live with the scarcity of earthly love,
and still be full of joy and fruitful because of the
deep love of God that enriches our lives. No one
escapes the trials of life. It is the unconditional love
of God that gives us stability and makes us strong to
endure every trial and storm. As we are rooted and
grounded in God’s love, we grow and bear good
fruit, loving God and sharing God’s love with others.

As we renew our Covenant with God, may we remember
that God has offered us a loving relationship.
The Covenant is the means of grace by which
we live within this loving relationship. May we not
miss the deep personal experience of Christ dwelling
within us. Never forget that you are beloved of
God. “We love because he (God) first loved us” (1
John 4: 19).

“Abide in my love” (John 15: 9)

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