Today marks the beginning of the season of Advent, a
time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration
of Christmas and Christ’s return at the second
coming. Whilst it is a season of much rejoicing and celebration,
it comes at the end of a year that renders many
of us weary, from the highs and lows of life.

We start our journey through this season by acknowledging
the weariness, grief, rage, and hopelessness we carry.
Sometimes weariness can harden us and prevent us from
living fully. At the same time, we affirm that we are made
for joy. What does it look like for you to rejoice when you
are weary? Let us journey together over this season of
Advent, as we answer the question: How does a weary
world rejoice?

Our focus today is on how a weary world finds joy in community.
Joy is fundamentally rooted in connection, and
connection expands beyond just human relationships.
Christ is the foundation of a community’s joy. Community
invites us to honour the ways our joy can expand when it
is shared with others. As we share our joys, may we also
be mindful of all those who may be experiencing loneliness
and isolation throughout the holidays, or those who
are deeply missing a lost loved one. The shared joy for
each other provides the strength to continue onward. This
is how we show up to Advent.

Blessings, Vuyelwa.


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